Wales: An Underestimated Destination That Spellbinds Festival Connoisseurs and Adventurists

For years now, Wales has been a land of spectacularly built national parks, beautiful medieval castles, and unexplored coastlines. Indeed the ancient history of Wales is as magnificent as its neighbors namely Ireland and Scotland, yet it is less visited by tourists who plan to visit the whole of Europe during their vacation. From London, it is another 3-4 hours journey by road, which can also be reached via train.

Best Time to Visit Wales

It is always good to plan your travel in advance and travel to destinations when you are able to learn more about the local culture and festivities of the place. Festivals like Hay Festival, Abergavenny Food Festival, and Green Man Festival are few of the iconic festivals, which are native to the country. So, it’s the ultimate destination for festival connoisseurs. If you happen to time your travel around the festivals, then you will enjoy your stay as well as the place. However, avoid traveling around national holidays since the sightseeing areas are not operational.

Best Places to Visit While in Wales

In spite of being one of the most underestimated tourist destinations in the European region, Wales indeed has many beautiful spots, which will leave the tourists spellbound after visiting the places in and around. With its awe-inspiring castles and pre-historic buildings, it is a mystical city with a number of places to visit.

  • Snowdonia

Snowdonia is one of the spectacular ranges of mountains, which proudly stands in the country of Gwynedd. Once you reach the mountain range, a visit to Snowdonia National Park will lift your mood. Snowdonia National Park is widely known for being the best hiking and climbing destinations in entire Britain. So, it’s a great spot for adventurists.

  • Caernarfon Castle

Caernarfon Castle, which is considered as one of the magnificent castles in the country, is still one of the best-preserved fortresses developed in the medieval period. The ancient castle still speaks of the royalty and tourists from all over the world come here to witness the beautifully maintained palace.  

  • Pembrokeshire Coast

The country is surrounded by water on three sides and has drool-worthy coastlines, which is not always crowded and hence is worth enjoying. A visit to this place can let you enjoy some amazing water sports with your loved ones, which is why adventure lovers flock to this place. The iconic coastline also boasts of interesting spots like St. David’s Cathedral and Pembroke Castle, where the tourists can get enriched in culture.

  • Llangollen Canal

Like it is said Rome was not built in a day, even Llangollen Canal took around 10 years to develop and the iconic canal crosses the wide valley of River Dee, which is why it has been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Llangollen Canal is also considered as the longest navigable canal in entire Great Britain and the highest in the world.

Wales, apart from having beautiful spots in the country, also hosts some of the most iconic festivals, which attract the connoisseurs who have a keen interest in art and culture to experience the best festivals.

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